About Us

Who we are?

Today,  Anella is a thriving business founded and run by Hanel Appleby.

Our Aim?

Our aim is to grow into the leading independent bridal shoe retailer in Southern Africa. You are an individual with a specific style or look you wish to achieve; in achieving this aim, we advise on sizing, fit, colour and style based on your theme and personality to help you find the perfect shoe to make you feel and look fabulously special.

We understand what it is to be looking for the perfect shoe to complete a dream day, we understand you want to be comfortable yet sophisticated and glamorous; we know that this day is the most precious of all.

Why Anella wedding shoes ?

After my gorgeous husband Clark proposed, I had 3 months to find the perfect wedding shoes. I had everything in place, but I just could not find the right wedding shoes anywhere!!! Having walked every shopping mall and every bridal shop possible, I realized bridal shoes are hard to find!! So in exasperation, I decided to source my dream shoes myself, which I did, and now I can make them available to you too.

And there began my love and appreciation for what has now become my dream come true, to help brides and debutantes step into their destiny wearing exquisite shoes.

Anella Wedding shoes are manufactured by the largest bridal shoe company in the world, therefore we ensure your shoes are of top quality and crafted for absolute comfort.

My desire is that every person who slips into a pair of our shoes, will feel special and know inside that they are worth their weight in gold.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed and now is t