Dying Policy

Shoes dyed for brides on request, cannot be refunded or exchanged.

COST: R480

We offer a service (outsourced by Anella Wedding Shoes), where we colour the shoes to a colour the closest possible to the colour of a fabric sample provided by the customer. When accepting this service, the customer realises, that the colour might not be a 100% match (based on light e.g. daylight colour and evening colour reflecting on shoes) but at the very least a 90% colour match. 
The customer also realizes that the colouring agent is water-based colour and might alter the shiny texture of the satin. Anella only provides this service in order to extend the service offering, and will not be held liable for damages occurred to your shoes bought from Anella

We offer a BLACK DYE that is Water proof that you can use if you want to dye them after the wedding – @ R150 per pair